A Guide From Roofers: 3 Signs You Need A New Roof

Does your home need a new roof? How do you decide repairing the old roof is no longer the right thing to do? Most Lakeland homeowners avoid or delay installing new roof because just the thought of it is intimidating. It is a large project and requires a significant investment. At the same time, you have to worry about the safety of home residents. A broken, damaged and worn not roof poses great safety dangers to people living inside the home. After a certain point of time, you will be spending more money in the repairs and maintenance if you do not replace your roof. Consult professional roofers to know if your roof can be repaired or it is time to replace it. There are signals that will tell you that you need a new roof.

Age of Your Roof
Depending on the type and quality of shingles used, a roof lasts about 20-30 years. After the recommended years of use, you are advised to install a new roof. Your old roof may still look healthy and usable but do not go on the look of it. After so many years of facing harsh environmental elements, the roof loses its strength and bonding properties. A weak roof poses safety dangers. Even if your roof looks like it does not require replacement, you should consider installing a new roof in its place. Consult Lakeland professional roofers if you face problem taking a decision in this matter. A certified and licensed roofer will visit your home and take a close look at all parts of the roof. The roofer will tell you whether your old roof can serve a few more years or it is time to install a new one.

Cupping or Buckling Shingles
This sign is quite visible, and you can check it yourself. Be careful though if checking such a sign requires going on the roof. Take all safety precautions. Use proper tools, ladder, harness and other safety gears. If you do not feel safe handling such a task on your own, call professional roofers to do this inspection for you. Cupping or curling occurs when edges of the shingles tear off the roof. In the buckling problem, the left and right sides of the shingles on its shorter sides remain attached to the roof, but the middle part leaves the base and lifts up. It results in the open gap below the shingle in its middle part. These signs indicate you may have to replace your roof with a new one.

Old shingles start losing granules from the sides. Your roof will no longer be covered 100%. The shingles may be falling, damaged or broken. You may be tempted to replace only a few missing shingles, but it can be difficult to find the exact type of shingles already installed on your roof. After a few years, you will again find it difficult to buy the same type of shingles. Manufacturers and suppliers keep changing the features and specifications of their products. It may be better to replace all your shingles at one go.

You can talk with Lakeland Roofing Consultants a professional roofing contractor if you need any assistance in identifying your roofing problem. Do not delay replacing your old, damaged and worn-out roof. Call experienced roofers to inspect your roof and fix the roofing problems.